High Fashion Couple Portrait

This amazing couple is from a family session we recetly did. They wanted something more artsy and fun so we created this high fashion image for them. What type of photos do you want? Call for a no obiligation consult! 223-5456

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Tom photographing on MADtv and Ed Bassmaster

Yes it has been an INSANE month. As you can see below I just uploaded about 30 jobs and most of them are from before December! That’s how far behind on the blog we are.

Well, Tom spent a week down in Hollywood this month and photographed on the set of MADtv. It’s a really long story that got him there, but to sum things up, a HUGE YouTube comedian named Ed Bassmaster flew out from Philedelphia to have Tom take his portraits and for us to help create his website. That was a huge compliment for us! Ed won a spot on MADtv and told them he had to bring along his personal photographer, Tom :). So Tom and Ed went to Hollywood, filmed the first day, then Ed was asked to come back for a second filming the following day for the Season Finale! What an honor it was for Ed. The link below is a short 4 minute video of some of Ed’s photos that Tom took here in Redding, and a few photos Tom took from their trip to Hollywood. I hope you enjoy! To check out more on Ed visit his website at http://www.EdBassmaster.com


DANCERS WANTED – Personal Project….

Being photographers, we spend almost all our time doing projects for other people and every now and then we take a little time to do a personal project for ourselves. We are looking for male and female dancers between the age of 16-23 to work with us to create a special peice of art. All types […]

The Real Meaning of Easter – Our Photos From Israel of The Garden Tomb

5 years ago Tommy and I went on a trip to Israel. It was so incredbile, being able to put the stories that we knew from the Bible into real life places. Some of my favorite photos are from the Garden Tomb and since it is Easter weekend I though it was a great time to post some photos that we took while there. There is the Hill that the cross was placed on (Golgatha, place of the Skull, where Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans, buried in a nearby tomb, and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday) ,some pictures of the tomb itself, the huge track the rock was rolled away from, the inside of the tomb (it’s believed Jesus was buried on the left) and a photo of Tommy and I in front of the empty tomb.

I hope you enjoy and if you’re not doing anything for Easter, come join us at The Convention Center, Neighborhood Church has 3 services Easter Sunday. For More Information Visit www.NCRedding.com

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The Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb
Far view if The Garden Tomb

The GArden Tomb Easter
Close up of the Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb
The track the massive stone was rolled away from! Can you imagine how huge that stone must have been???
The Floor Plan of the Tomb
The Inside of the Tomb, We are standing were #6 is on the floor plan.
It’s believed Jesus was palced on the left here.

Tom and Wendy in From of GArden Tomb
Tommy and I in front of the tomb.

100,000 visitors!!!

Wow! This is a HUGE thank you to all our clients, friends and subscribers. In 1 year’s time we have reached 100,000 visitors to our blog! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much and here’s to another great year!! If you want continual updates everytime we post a new item to our […]