3 thoughts on “Senior Portrait Photoghaphy (Hillsboro High Photographer)

  1. My condolences. Kaisha was such a sweet girl. I was a freshman last year, and I didn’t find my place in Enterprise. She made school fun for me. She will be greatly missed by all. I will miss her so much, She could always find a way to make me laugh. Even when I was down..

  2. Kaisha was one of my best friends so I have to say thank you for posting this in her memory she effected everyone she knew I loved her alot

  3. i agree with kari, she was one of my best friends as well.. well actually she was my bestest friend! an i thank you for posting this, she was such an amazing person. you saw how she touched you for just the few hours when you photographed her, think about how she affected me within 4years.. i can barely describe how much shes changed my life. she was everything to me, basically my sister. she told my mom that “she was her only black daughter” she put er # in my moms phone under that lol. i love an miss her so much 😦

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