Pregnant Growing Belly Series – 16 weeks to 37 weeks

Here is one of our growing belly moms with her complete collage which we just finished a few weeks ago when her daughter was born. Our growing belly series is a fun way to show how your body changes during pregnancy and after. Call us for more details on this type of photography! 223.5456Delta-Growing-BElly

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6 thoughts on “Pregnant Growing Belly Series – 16 weeks to 37 weeks

  1. This is an amazing shot! True art! something i would love to offer to clients instead of a once off tasteful pregnant belly!

    Again, Great capture and concept!


  2. Stumbled across your site and was moved to tears by your slideshow. A photographer can be simply a photographer or he/she can be an artist. You are an artist.

  3. I would Love to have this done! Where are you located? Im in northern Illinois by Gurnee… Im 16 weeks and this is just wonderful!

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