Tom photographing on MADtv and Ed Bassmaster

Yes it has been an INSANE month. As you can see below I just uploaded about 30 jobs and most of them are from before December! That’s how far behind on the blog we are.

Well, Tom spent a week down in Hollywood this month and photographed on the set of MADtv. It’s a really long story that got him there, but to sum things up, a HUGE YouTube comedian named Ed Bassmaster flew out from Philedelphia to have Tom take his portraits and for us to help create his website. That was a huge compliment for us! Ed won a spot on MADtv and told them he had to bring along his personal photographer, Tom :). So Tom and Ed went to Hollywood, filmed  the first day, then Ed was asked to come back for a second filming the following day for the Season Finale! What an honor it was for Ed. The link below is a short 4 minute video of some of Ed’s photos that Tom took here in Redding, and a few photos Tom took from their trip to Hollywood. I hope you enjoy! To check out more on Ed visit his website at

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