Newborn Portraits – 6 Days Old

Here’s our newest baby, 6 days old, from one of our recent maternity sessions. We did a collage since he had so many adorable pics 🙂


4 thoughts on “Newborn Portraits – 6 Days Old

  1. Precious Preston Frank Stevens, I really enjoyed taking care of you and your mom these last two weeks. When I saw you, I thought you were the best looking baby ever. Now that you are two weeks old, I look back and wonder how I could have thought that! Ha, ha! NOW you are the most precious thing ever. I know you will grow in grace and intelligence, guided by your two loving parents. Hugs and kisses and I’ll see you soon. Nana

  2. Beautiful pictures of a very beautiful baby boy. It’s hard to believe he only 6 days but he is. Your newborn-portraits are amazing and the most wonderful I’ve ever seen. Although you had two beautiful people to work with both Mother & Son. Ha,hah! Ha,hah! to both brillantexpressions & Creative Portraits they are the greatest.

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