Anderson and Enterprise Seniors and Parents, we are your Exclusive Senior Yearbook Photographer. Every student that attends Enterprise High or Anderson Union High MUST come into our studio to have their yearbook portrait taken by the September deadlines. Please see detailed information below for each school.



DEADLINE OCTOBER 15th: You are free to use any photo that you have taken with us for your yearbook photo. If you come in for a free yearbook session, you will have a traditional canvas background and a 10 minute session, if you choose to do a paid session, you can choose any photo from that session to use as your yearbook photo, but no other photographer’s photos can be used as yearbook photos!!! If you do not come into the studio by the end of September your picture will not appear in the yearbook! Also, You are welcome to purchase your yearbook photo, this can be done anytime during your senior year.


ENTERPRISE HIGH SENIORS, Everyone has the option to have 2 photos in the yearbook.

The first yearbook photo must be taken by our studio by September 18th (*extended deadline if we are taking your regular senior portraits, see below). If you do not come in by the deadline, you will have a photo taken when we come to the school in October, it will be a quick 2-3 shots and we will choose the best. If you come into the studio we will take 10-15 shots and you get to choose. All photos will be fully retouched either way. These photos are available for purchase anytime.

Your second yearbook photo can be any photo of your choice from your regular senior portrait session. This should be a photo that shows more of who you are. If we are taking your senior portraits, your first yearbook photo can be taken at the same time and you will have an extended deadline of October 19th to have these photos taken.

Want Spring Senior Portraits, but want 2 yearbook photos? No problem, if you are using us for your senior portraits, we will do a $25 Lifestyle session now and when you come back for spring portraits, we will credit the $25 towards your sitting fee in the spring. This session is a 20 minute 1 outfit session, specifically shooting for that 2nd yearbook photo. Instruments, pets, sports, anything you want. We can shoot in the studio or outside around the studio. We will submit the photo you choose to the yearbook for free!

Here is what the background looks like for all 2010 Enterpise Seniors:image001

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