Wedding Photography – Joe and Regina – Mercy Oaks in Redding

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE WEDDING. What a great way to start our wedding season. Joe and Regina got married yesterday May 20th at Mercy Oaks in Redding. They were such a fun couple to work with and their love for God, each other and their family and friends really shined through their entire ceremony. We wish you both the best! Friends and family, feel free to leave comments on your experience with us!

Rings at WeddingBride Limo

Bride and GroomWedding Party

Family Wedding PortraitBride

Bride and Groom

6 thoughts on “Wedding Photography – Joe and Regina – Mercy Oaks in Redding

  1. Oh my gosh, WE LOVE THEM!!! It’s the 2nd day of our Honeymoon and we’re sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. We couldn’t wait to see some of our pics. We just did and we LOVE them! Thanks again to Tom & Wendy for capturing our memories on film and being so much fun in the process.

  2. What a beautiful and fun wedding! Regina, the park was perfect! Hurray! The pictures are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more!

  3. I was so thrilled to see the photos. The bubble dance was the best. I was impressed with lighting. It was much darker at the reception. Thank you for using our family as an example. The wedding was like a fairy tale. Your photography will make everything come to life for many years ahead. God bless you!

  4. So very happy for you two beautiful people. Sorry your gift is late, but you will get it, eventually!!!! God bless you both…I couldn’t be happier for either one of you. A match truoly made in heaven. Love you, pat

  5. Hi Joe and Regina – I don’t know you, but your Mom is one very special friend. I know she is very happy and her happiness has spilled over onto all her friends. Your photos are beautiful and I know God is going to bless your marriage.

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