Composite Senior Portraits (Photographer in Portland)

This Clackamas senior is an amazing Bass player. From the consult we had with his mom, she mentioned she loved dead trees and really wanted an artsy photo to include both. Unfortunately there are not a lot of them around here that work with the surroundings without going into Bend. On one of our trips this past summer we had photographed this amazing shoe tree and decided to surprise her with this composite (her son was shot here locally). Needless to say it was perfect for them and turned into their large wall art piece. With our photography and photoshop skills we can photograph and create just about anything you can imagine so don’t be afraid to dream!

shoe tree bass player senior photos

Upright Bass Senior Portraits

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Gymnast Senior Portraits {Portland Photographer}

We love being able to showcase our client’s talents when we photograph them during their senior portraits. This is why we do consults, we really want to get to know you so when we take your senior pictures, it means something to you that you can look back on and remember this time of your life. This gymnast had some awesome talents and it was a blast photographing him in motion as well as creating some cool artsy shots too.

Male Gymnast senior pictures portrland oregon

Gymnastic Senior Portraits in Portland Oregon


Sunset Senior Portraits (Photographer in Oregon City)

How amazing is the high school senior’s red hair in the sunset light? Simply gorgeous. This senior portrait from Oregon City was just stunning in the evening light and did an incredible job during her session.

Oregon City Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior Portraits at Sunset in Oregon City


Retouching Acne {Senior Portraits in Portland}

Got acne? Not a problem, here at Tom Kerr Studios we are expert retouchers and can take care of any skin issue while keeping you looking natural. We use the same techniques as the fashion magazine retouchers to allow your natural skin to shine through. Retouching is included with all our our portrait orders at no additional cost so don’t let a breakout keep you from booking your senior pictures!

Retouch acne in photoshop

Acne Retouching Sample

Natural Light Studio Senior Portraits {Photographer in Happy Valley}

Did you know we have a full standard studio as well as natural light studio? Photographing indoors gives us the opportunity to shoot during any weather and create timeless beautiful senior portraits. Give us a call to come visit our space!

Natural light studio photography

Natural Light Senior Portraits

Forestry Senior Portraits {Photographer in Portland}

This senior loves forestry so we took him into an Oregon Forest and created some dynamic images for him. Photographing seniors is our passion. We love to create unique images for each and every one of our clients.

A love for forestry, photographing a senior portrait at Hopkins in Oregon

Forestry Senior Portraits Portland Oregon

Firefighter Senior Portraits {Photographer in Portland}

The reason we do consults for every session is to make sure we can truly capture what you are all about. This senior is dedicating himself to firefighting and wanted to make sure his photos conveyed his passion. Here at our portrait studio near Portland, Oregon, with creative lighting and the right props we can create anything you can imagine.


Studio Senior Portrait Firefighter Portland Oregon

Black and White Senior Portraits in Portland

Black and white portraits have a timeless feel to them. This Lincoln High Senior loved black and white images so we focused her session on textures and lighting that would popĀ  and make her look amazing. We customize our senior photos to showcase who you are. Come visit us at our studio in Clackamas, Oregon and let us show you what we can do for you!

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